Film & the Law: Clarence Darrow: Crimes, Causes & Maxims, Monarchy and Sir Thomas More, Thursday, May 19, 2022, Up to 8.0 hours including 7.4 Ethics and 1.1 Elimination of Bias

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Full Day CLE credit Missouri: 8.0 hours includes 7.4 ethics and 1.1 elimination of bias Kansas: 8.0 hours includes 7.5 ethics Half Day CLE credit AM only (Darrow) Missouri: 4.2 hours incl. 3.6 ethics; Kansas: 4.0 hours incl. 3.5 ethics PM only (More) Missouri: 3.8 ethics hours incl. 1.1 elimination of bias; Kansas: 4.0 ethics Kansas: pending



 A master of the courtroom stage, who possessed an uncanny understanding of human character, Clarence Darrow was arguably the greatest trial lawyer of the twentieth century. He was an adamant opponent of capital punishment and a passionate proponent of civil and human rights. Often called the "Attorney for the Damned," he fought for the underdog and took on criminal cases thought to be hopeless. Yet, while commanding respect as a trial lawyer, Darrow was often embroiled in bitter controversy for his unpopular stands on many issues and criticized for his purported unethical professional behavior.
The movie was produced specifically to be used for CLE and discussion of the ethical issues it presents. It engages participants in four of the great defense lawyer's most famous cases between 1910 and 1928: Loeb and Leopold, Henry Sweet, the McNamara Brothers bombing of the LA Times Building and the Scopes "Monkey Trial." Using Darrow's own thoughts and courtroom summations, the movie explores timeless social, legal and ethical issues and provides a fresh and engaging tool to facilitate discussion of ethical behavior in and out of the courtroom.
The four scenes dramatize Darrow's work, actions and feelings in each of the cases as an example of a practicing lawyer. The movie is followed by a filmed panel discussion and attendees are asked to focus on the issues relating to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.



Some have called Sir Thomas More the first "modern man." He was certainly the quintessential Renaissance man ... lawyer, statesman, philosopher, linguist, raconteur, Chancellor of England ... and author of one of the great books of western civilization, Utopia. Despite all that, Sir Thomas More was beheaded by King Henry VIII in 1535 for high treason.
Maxims, Monarchy and Sir Thomas More is a movie focusing on some of the issues with which lawyers must deal every day - particularly those situations where there are conflicts between personal conscience and public loyalties. It takes the audience into the last intensely intimate hour with Thomas More just before his execution. Still wrestling with the moral dilemmas that led him to the block, he cracks jokes, makes up songs, takes jabs at his tormentors and eventually finds peace in his fate.
Though the story takes place in a religious context, it serves to provide keen insight into this universal human struggle in secular settings and explore ethical and moral decisions in legal practice. The movie explores conflicts between private conscience and public loyalty and provides a platform for discussion of these conflicts as they relate to ethical and moral decisions in contemporary legal practice.
The movie is followed by a filmed panel discussion and a Moderated Live Chat Room Discussion, in which all attendees can participate. Attendees are asked to focus on the ethical issues and  concerns raised in the movie relating to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

May 19th, 2022 7:30 AM   through   4:20 PM
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